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Just know that I had things to say.  There has been much that went on this past month.  But today, I have no words.  I am tired.  These images are not what I had in my mind, or even what I had planned for this month.  Sometimes life gets in the way.  For now, I am happy to be continuing with my personal project.  Glad I have images for this month’s post.  Glad I can share them, being themselves.  Him, serious and quiet, and her silly and fun.  Thanks for sticking with me through this project.  Now go see the wonderful Overland Park photographer,  Carrie Terrones and her two adorable kids!

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She got her hair cut.  Her idea…and I made her ask daddy if it was OK.  She actually wanted it shorter after we got home….we will try this length for a while.  Daddy was nervous, but he really likes the new style.  She also got a new shirt…also her idea.  “Get your Groot on” – and she giggles every time she says it.  So glad she let me take a few quick pictures Friday morning, they make me smile.  ♥

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This year for my To the Moon & Back project, I am going to post once a month.  I am still focusing on a portrait of each of my children, but this year I want to try to include more of “them”  showing off their favorite things, hobbies and interests.  As many of you know, my two children are very different.  One is more quiet and reserved, while the other has a very big personality.  Through this project last year, and as I thought about what I wanted for this year, I noticed that while they are very different, they have some wonderful similarities.  I am hoping to showcase those differences & similarities this year, both in images and in words.  I hope that you will follow along as the year progresses.  I will also be joined by some lovely photographers as we share our images monthly on the third Thursday of each month.

This month, both kids got new headphones for Christmas.  I love that they both have a love for music!  They have been exposed to music since they were little, thanks to their dad!  Both kids have favorites, and will often ask for a particular song or CD by name.  As you can see, their style of listening to music is very different, him content to just listen and her, well she loves to sing along….loudly.  He loves rock – loud and heavy music.  On this day it was Linkin Park, but he also loves Metallica, AC-DC, and Eminem.  She loves quite a variety of music, but right now she is listening to the Frozen CD, and the soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy.  I love how with all their differences, I can still see just how much they are the same. Now go see what Denver Photographer Farrah Jobling and her two cuties have been up to.  Be sure to click on through all of the links to catch up with our group!


  • Kasey - So beautiful! Love the one of Harper singing!