To the Moon and Back week 15 of 52 – part 2

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Last weekend I only managed to get a new/weekly image of her.  Our post is scheduled for Tuesdays.  So for the first time since I started this project, I only posted one image.   Later that day, I was able to capture this shot of him.  His eyes were red from swimming, and his hair a mess from his helmet for skating, but I still love it.  This is him.  Serious, and chill, doesn’t care about his hair, or that his eyes are red. Hanging out after skating and practicing some stick work for hockey.  And this is why I am doing this project.  To capture real glimpses of each of them, just as they are.  ♥

To the Moon and Back week 15 of 52

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One out of two portraits this week is not bad, right? The boy had a sleep over last night, and was having fun playing with his buddy.  By the time I remembered I needed an image, he was off to swim team practice. Oh well.  Hop on over to see what Las Vegas photographer,  Carrie Terrones has been up to this week.  I promise to come back later this week with a portrait of my boy!

  • This almost happened to me as well–my 10 year old is always at a friend’s or sports (soccer now, but he swims too). Love your beautiful bw portrait.

right now. her favorite.

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note to self:  remember that she loves to bring toys everywhere.  and that her favorites change daily.  Also, remember the jeans with the sparkly button, that she loves so much that she wore holes in the knees.  And the sparkly sandals that she says look like princess sandals.  One last thing, remember how she carefully bent down to measured how tall her little pony was, hair whipping all around her, and how proud she was of how big she is.  These are the things I will cherish.  This is what I want need to remember.  This is why I am always documenting. ♥

  • Janet Crouch

    What beautiful things to remember. I love this, Nikki! <3

  • These are gorgeous. I love them. So fun to document the things that the children are into in this point of life.