Not a lot to tell about this month & these pictures…just happy to capture them doing what they love.  Now go see Overland Park photographer Carrie Terrones, and see what she has been up to this month!

IMG_2855 webblog 1IMG_2872 webIMG_2853 webI promise you….I don’t make this stuff up.  This is her.  Just as she was when I came home from work.  Those of you that know her personally are probably not that surprised. She picked the ninja turtle shirt to wear to school today because it’s green and because ninja turtles are her favorite.  Her daddy got her the green bow to wear for St. Patrick’s day last week when he took her to the farmer’s market…which she called the “pharmacy market” (not really sure how she got that). And the little hat was a gift from a boy in her class.  Yes…she does come home quite often with gifts from boys in her class.  No I am not ready for more on that topic.  I am really not too sure what is up with the pants. I think she wore just one pair to school, but the story about why she has two pairs on now was a little choppy, and I still don’t quite understand why she is wearing two pairs.  And the boots…let’s just not discuss the boots now.  But really, this is who she is.  She loves to express herself with what she wears.  She absolutely has an opinion about what “goes together”.  A favorite character shirt is always high on her fashion priority list, as is some type of hair accessory.  She has so much personality.  I am so glad when I get a chance to capture her being her.  Her birthday is coming up soon – so stay tuned for some “pretty” pictures (and maybe a little influence from mom on wardrobe choice)!

IMG_1898 webIMG_1903 webIMG_1968 webIMG_2026 web

Just know that I had things to say.  There has been much that went on this past month.  But today, I have no words.  I am tired.  These images are not what I had in my mind, or even what I had planned for this month.  Sometimes life gets in the way.  For now, I am happy to be continuing with my personal project.  Glad I have images for this month’s post.  Glad I can share them, being themselves.  Him, serious and quiet, and her silly and fun.  Thanks for sticking with me through this project.  Now go see the wonderful Overland Park photographer,  Carrie Terrones and her two adorable kids!