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I am happy to be ending this year with at least one more post, and images of both of my children.  I think this is a comfortable place for me, so I will be continuing this project into next year, with a new goal of one image a month.  In the end I hope to complete 12 months of images of my children.  I am hoping that my friends will continue with this project with me.  We may also be looking to add some new members to our group.  If you are interested in joining us, message me!

Be sure to click on over and see what Denver photographer, Julie Livermore and her two adorable boys have been up to.

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I am trying to salvage what is left of this project.  What started out as a weekly photo of each of them, has turned into one a month, or less of maybe one of them.  At the end of the year, I had hoped to have 52 images of  them, but instead I will have less than 52, but more than I have ever taken before.  Part of me is sad that I was not able to finish the project as I started it, but the other part is glad that I have so many wonderful images of my two.  This year I have received so many comments about how good I am at photographing my own. And at the end of the day, (or the end of a mostly completed project) I need to remember that in the beginning, he (and later she) is why I started down this path of photography.  Next year’s project is going to be awesome!

Oh, in case you were wondering – his image is from the pumpkin patch…I did get a few of her, but she was crying in most – thanks to a big brother who took her on the spinny ride that she was too afraid to go on by herself and he didn’t want to go on because he does not like spinny rides.  Trust me the pictures are hilarious, but we will save those for another post, maybe. Her image is more recent, the day daddy took her to get her hair cut at the salon because mommy forgot about her appointment and made movie date for her and brother.  She got her hair washed and cut and then braided like Ana from Frozen – she was one happy girl, especially since daddy told her the braids should last through the night so she could wear her hair like that to school the next day!

Now go see what Julie Livermore and her two boys have been up to lately! Be sure to leave her a quick comment that you were there!